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The differences Singapore online casinos have from US online casinos

 Singapore online casinos and US online casinos explored

US and Singapore are two countries leading the gambling scene in the world. In the present pandemic situation, gamblers in these countries are shifting to online gambling. Online gambling or remote gambling is any kind of gambling that takes place through the internet. One of these countries is very advanced and rules the world affairs. The other is a small island nation in Asia.

Is there any difference between the online gambling scenarios in these countries? What kind of governmental control exists on the US online casinos and Singapore Online casinos? What is the present state of these casinos? Let’s explore the answers to these questions.

 The legality of online casinos   


Singapore is a country whose economy depends primarily on tourism especially casino tourism. It has very strict laws when it comes to online gambling. Remote Gambling Act of 2014 regulates the online casinos in the country. The law defines online gambling as betting, gaming, and participation in a lottery that takes place through the internet. The legal age to gamble in the country is 21 years. The law clearly states that gambling in casinos not owned by the Singapore Totalisator Board is illegal. However, there is no legal complication if the casino is owned by this board.

      United States of America      

In the US, online gambling is legal and approved in some states but not in many others. New Jersey is the biggest market in the country for online gambling. There are dozens of online casinos in the state and the industry is worth a whopping $225 million a year. Colorado has recently legalized remote gambling. This major decision was taken by the government in May 2020. Other states that belong to this league are Michigan, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, and Indiana.

Other states that are on their way to legalizing it are California, New York, and Massachusetts.

Online casinos of Singapore and the US in the present scenario

Covid-19 has impacted different industries in various ways. Some sectors like gyms suffered massive losses as a result of the pandemic. Others like pharmaceuticals boomed during the crisis. Online casinos appear to belong to the second category. There is no difference between US online casinos and Singapore online casinos in this matter.

In Singapore, player activity in online casinos saw a massive 30% increase from February first week to April first week. The following statistics are from a report published by The Economist. Pennsylvanians placed online wagers of $500 million over March. The revenues of online casinos from Delaware saw an increase of roughly 66%. These results can be extrapolated to other states of the country to understand the situation there. COVID 19 has massively boosted the budding online gambling industry of the country.

Online casinos in both Singapore and the US are not just surviving, but they are thriving in the present pandemic situation.


There are certain differences in the ways online gambling is legalized in the two countries. COVID 19 has positively impacted both industries. Online casinos of both countries see a huge increase in player activity and gross revenue.

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