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How The Working Of DogeCoins Live Casinos Are Special?

Many types of interesting games are available on online casinos including table games, slots, dice, blackjack, etc. The only drawback is the games don’t have human touch as these are computer-operated. There is a lack of emotions and connection, which players experience playing on gambling venues physically.

Fortunately, due to technology development, even the online casino sector is enhancing its simulation layouts. Game developers are equipped with skills and tools to create an ideal replication of real-life casinos. The players are led by live dealers like on-site casinos. They even get the benefit of taking a virtual seat at any table, follow the desired game, and chat with other players. They can play online casinos from anywhere and at any time but they need a mobile or computer or laptop and an internet connection.

Players can even play with a cryptocurrency like Dogecoins, which was introduced in 2013. Players attained a new payment option to play on dogecoin casinos. These are gambling sites that allow players to use Doge to gamble. Bitcoin 2 Litecoin is a review site that offers its readers helpful knowledge about cryptocurrencies.

Why live casino games are special?

Live casino games have some similarities like in venue-based facilities. The games are hosted in real casino studios, where players hear and see cards dealt and wheels spinning. There is company around and you can talk as well as make friends. You don’t have to experience pin drop silence, there is noise. You can enjoy these similarities across the world due to high-quality video streaming technology.

Who operates live casino games? Some live dealers invite players to the tables. They are liable to deal with the game, so players don’t feel a lack of connection. You can start communicating with them in your native language or English. You can see them shuffle and give your cards or spin the Roulette balls. Just imagine the expense you need to make visiting Monte Carlo or Las Vegas to enjoy playing casino games. With live casinos, you save on those traveling expenses and enjoy the game comfortably from home or even on the go.

Popular games that support DOGE

Many live casino games are offered on gambling sites that accept Doge as a payment method but the most popular ones are mentioned below.


It is a popular card game among casino players, so different modified versions are used. The appealing feature of Blackjack is that house edge is significantly low – 0.5% to 1% in comparison to slot games – 3% to 5%. The common type of blackjack table layout on Dogecoin gambling sites are 7 seat blackjack and unlimited blackjack.

Live roulette

The dealer spins a ball within the parameter of a wheel made up of numbered pockets or slots. Players guess the numbers and slots that the ball will end up as soon as the spin stops. A roulette wheel has 37or 38 slots and is depicted in red, green, and black. Roulette is available in versions like European, French, and American. The players need to predict before the dealer spins the wheel. If you predict right, you are paid the winnings.


Live baccarat is different than playing blackjack or poker. In these, the players compete with the banker or the dealer but in baccarat, you are less of a player and more an onlooker. You bet on a position out of two with almost identical odds. The card value with 9 or closer is determined by the winner. Values of cards in baccarat –

  • Ace = 1
  • 2-9 = The same amount they displayed
  • Kings, Queens, Jacks, and 10s = 0

After the first cards are dealt, if there is no natural win occurred, a third card is distributed. In case, the total sum is over 10 or more than the first digit is removed to determine the card value.

Before you play live casino games with Dogecoin

Dogie coin is P2P digital medium, which can be transported in a fast and safe manner. The asset needs a corresponding wallet to store and transact with. For Dogecoin you will need official wallets – Dogecoin Core and MultiDoge. Register and open an account on the Dogecoin gambling site. Deposit Dogecoins in the account and start enjoying casino games like live roulette, blackjack, or baccarat.

Why play live casino games with DOGE?

Some compelling reasons to play live casino games with DOGE are –

Low transaction fees

Doge is cheaper to transact with than credit card or bank payment methods. A single transaction fee is less than 1 cent, while via banks it is $10 to $15 per transaction. For an active player, the sum can add up, so Doge is an excellent option for micropayments. It is even less costly than other crypto-assets like Bitcoin or Etherum.

Speedy transactions

Within 1 to 2 minutes, Dogecoin processes deposits and withdrawals in comparison to credit cards and bank transfers that take 2 to 5 business days. Other crypto-assets take 10 to 30 minutes to confirm, which means a delay in making a deposit and joining the fun with fellow player friends.

Fair & honest 

Random Number Generator is used, so the game is fair and provable. You can see the entire process, which ensures there is no cheating. Cards are visible on the table, while the ball jumping and ending in a slot on a roulette wheel is clearly seen.


Confirmed Doge transaction is irreversible, thus chargeback attempt or frauds, which are possible with credit cards or PayPal is averted. Dogecoin ensures finality and its structure prevents users from manipulation and fraud.


When a transaction is made using credit cards or bank transfers, the institution acquires an insight into your financial activities. There is a record, where you transferred the money along with when and why. It is a kind of data that government agencies or tax administration or law enforcement can track down. Other risks include data leakage, theft, and blackmail.

The beauty of Dogecoin that users can enjoy is total discreetness. Doge address is the only feature that identifies them. Your activities are protected from 3rd party monitoring or prying eyes.